Download KMS Microsoft Office Activator Free 2024

Obtaining a licenced copy of Microsoft Office 2016, 2010, 2013, 2019, 365 is simple when you use KMS Auto OFFICE Activator. You can use a universal application to access all of the desired office’s features. With just two clicks—download and run—the full software package and its structure are enabled. You can now use a crack instead of wasting time looking for a free key. Additionally, you will obtain perpetually licenced software with no restrictions.

Instractions For Downloading And Using KMS Microsoft Office Activator

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File Size: 43.5-MB

Password: 123

How To Install

For the activator to work correctly you must:

  • OS Windows 8, 7 x86 or x64 bit.
  • NET Framework 4.
  • Access to administrator rights.

Locate the exe file and open it. As instructed by the installer, proceed with the instructions. The Portable version does not require installation. Double-clicking the exe file with the left mouse button activates the programme. Following these easy procedures, the main window will appear as follows:

KMS Microsoft Office Activator

How to Use 

The software will let you know whether you need to activate it when you boot up the operating system.

KMS Microsoft Office Activator

Given that a sizable portion of personal computers are pre-installed with an unauthorised copy of Microsoft software, the data will appear as follows:

KMS Microsoft Office Activator

It appears that you need to enter a key. Simply click the “Activate Windows” button in this instance, then wait.

KMS Microsoft Office Activator

The process is monitored in a window with a blue screen.

KMS Microsoft Office Activator

The operation will complete in 5–10 seconds, after which a key will be generated for your copy of Windows.

KMS Microsoft Office Activator

A task to perform reactivation will be automatically created in the scheduler. This function gives the program the right to use the updated key when the old one expires. As a result, KMS Auto automatically activates Windows without making requests to the user and without waiting for confirmation. In this case, system files will be completely preserved, and your computer system will continue to work correctly, without failures or surprises. This property distinguishes the utility from less advanced programs, whose work is limited to blocking the license check option or deleting the file for this function.

Activator Capabilities

Even with its excellent design, any autonomous programme can run into problems. Occasionally, Windows 10 cannot be activated in the manner intended. Using manual mode solves the issue.

Open the “System” tab.

KMS Microsoft Office Activator

You will see 5 modes designed to launch the activator.

KMS Microsoft Office Activator

Each function is designed for a specific task. Auto mode should be used by default. If it didn’t work in our version, you should choose another method.

  • WinDivert is a method with which you can activate Windows. This method is recommended to be used after startup in Automatic mode has failed.
  • Hook – this option is designed to remove a system file for the activation period and return it to its place as soon as the action is completed. In this way, you can also quickly generate a key and apply it to licensed software.
  • NoAuto is a 100% manual mode with which you can activate any version of the Microsoft operating system, including the latest. Here you need to carefully specify the settings. This method is recommended for use by professional systems engineers if they need to obtain a key to a specific version of a license.
  • TAP – in this case, the TAP adapter is installed into the system, and then, using this new node, Windows is activated.

Important Note: when using the NoAuto mode, you not only need to carefully specify the settings, but also generate an ePID for the Microsoft line of programs in the tab of the same name – an element necessary for installing keys.

KMS Microsoft Office Activator

As already mentioned, completely manual starting is best left to the professionals. As a rule, advanced users, and even beginners, just need to press the “Activate Windows” button.

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