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Users’ reactions to Windows 8 OS have been divided. Over time, this “OS” gained supporters, and today there are a large number of them worldwide. Similar to numerous Microsoft programmes, this system necessitates the entry of a licence key. Additionally, the free KMSAuto activator can help if you don’t want to purchase a code. It is available for download on our website and registers keys in Windows 8 x64 in a matter of minutes.

Instractions For Downloading and Using KMS Auto for free to Actiavte windows 8

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File Size: 43.5-MB

Password: 123

How the KMSAuto Software for Windows 8 operates

Licenced software follows a straightforward framework that can be summed up as follows:

  1. Periodically, the OS with a functional key communicates with the official development server.
  2. After reading the code and confirming its authenticity, Microsoft sends out a response signal.
  3. Until the next request is issued, the operating system keeps running.

FACT: These processes go unnoticed and completely automatically.

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The activator emulates and functions as a Microsoft server. User files are changed and sent to “its” server. All adjustments happen in a matter of clicks, swiftly, and undetectable.

The programme activates not just Windows 8 but also previous OS versions. Vista, 7, 10, and 8 (Professional) are among them. Also, keys can be registered in 2010, 2013, and 2017—the majority of the most recent Office packages.

A special mention should be given to “manual activation.” System administrators and other experts who wish to add a functional key to multiple computers at once will find it helpful. or in situations when the user needs to handle a custom operating system. The TAP and Auto modes are more user-friendly and suitable for private use.

Practical use of KMSAuto

Important Note: You require the Framework software platform (version 4.5 and higher) in order to use the activator.

Initially, we download the software while considering the bit depth of the operating system. Two alternative circumstances could lead to further actions. Let’s examine each in more detail.

Auto mode

We perform a few simple steps:

  • Temporarily deactivate all anti-virus protection;
  • We unpack the archive;
  • In the “system” tab, set the value to “Auto”;
  • In the main menu, we start the activation process with the corresponding button;
  • We are waiting for a message about the completion of the process;
  • Reboot the PC/computer.

Useful To Know: The software may occasionally ask for the installation of extra hardware. You must consent; nothing will change.

TAP Mode

This technique is comparable to manual activation in that it also involves server emulation. Additionally, this option will work if the automatic key installation could not be finished for some reason.

The procedure in it is as follows:

  • Select “Professional Mode” (the button is located in the “About” tab;
  • Click on the “System” item;
  • We mark the desired mode on the screen – after this the software will send a request for installation;
  • Select the Windows edition (the function is implemented in the “Utilities” tab);
  • Click on the “Install Key” icon;
  • In the main menu we start activation.

After completing these steps, you will be able to access every feature of the operating system, including theme selection, updating, and settings.

Important Note: Every six months, Microsoft checks that the key is authentic. You can make advantage of the scheduler to prevent having to go through the activation process again.

You can download the KMSAuto activator for Windows 8 64 bit using the link provided. All images have been checked for viruses and functionality!

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